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Ice Fishing in Sandpoint, Idaho

Sandpoint has a number of locations around the area that avid ice fisherman love to test their luck. Ice fishing is a fantastic outing for the entire family. Lake trout, rainbow fish, perch, Chinook and more await you at some of the spots we've provided below. While it may be a cool day out on the lake, the opportunity  to experience it is well worth bearing the cold.

Really, the chance to go ice fishing does not exist much beyond the Northwest, where long cold winters are mixed with a large number of lakes provides plenty of great opportunities to catch a variety of fish. It is worth your time to visit these various lakes and enjoy an activity that has been around for ages.

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Guide to locations around Sandpoint
If you are aware of any locations around the area, email us and we'll add them to the site! ryan.skinner@sandpoint.com

Lake Pend Oreille                                            Springy Point    
Sandpoint, ID.                                                        Sagle, ID.

You won't find much using anglers,              3 miles down Lakeshore Drive at the
although lake trout and rainbow                    south end of the Long Bridge, or
fishing should be good if you can                   southwest of Sandpoint. It is also be out in the cold weather. Try out                     a campground on the Pend Oreille
the west side of the Long Bridge,                    River, with 38 sites and a $16 fee.
which is quite possibly the favorite              You can catch perch and crappie 
spot of Sandpoint's community.                     with relative ease at this location.

Lake Cocolalla                                                   Dog Beach
Cocolalla, ID.                                                          Sandpoint, ID.               
Possibly the mother-load of all                       This location is dog-friendly, unlike
locations near the Sandpoint area,                the city beach, which is nice if you
this fishing gem is located about                     have decided to bring along the
10 miles south of here, along Hwy                 family pet! Perch and crappie are
95. Turn right at Cocolalla Loop                     plentiful in this location, and if you
road and follow the signs. The fish                 really know what you're doing, you
are plentiful. You can still catch                     may find yourself able to catch crappie, bass and perch, but you                   whitefish as well. Located past
also may find rainbow trout                             Conoco along the bike path near the
beneath the ice!                                                      Long Bridge.

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